Our Product Offerings:


Spring Wheat

  • AAC Viewfield
    • High yielding, very short, excellent standabilty, good FHB resistance
  • AAC Cameron VB
    • High yielding CWRS with resistance to the Orange Blossom Wheat Midge,
    • Eligible for Warbuton program
  • AAC Brandon
    • High yielding, short strong straw, good FHB resistance
  • CDC Plentiful
    • High yield, earlier maturity, great disease package, awnless
  • Cardale
    • High yield, great disease package, easier harvesting
  • Faller:
    • Canadian Northern Hard Red
    • High yielding


  • CS2000
    • RR Hybrid with excellent yield potential
    • Broad adaptability
    • Best clubroot resistance available
    • cs2000
  • CS2100
    • RR hybrid with excellent yield potential
    • Multigenic blackleg resistance
    • Higher observed pod shatter tolorance
    • cs2100
  • CS2200 CL
    • High yielding Clearfield Hybrid
    • R rated for blackleg
    • Great standability
  • CANTERRA 1990
    • High yielding RR Hybrid
    • R to blackleg and fusarium wilt



Crop Protection

Services Offered:

  • Custom Cleaning